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Working in a bakery? 4 of the best shoes for bakers

Travaillez-vous dans une boulangerie ? Voici 4 des meilleures chaussures pour les boulangers.


Working as a baker isn't a piece of cake. It's an intense job. You've got to be up before dawn and get to the bakery to start making fresh breads, pastries and cakes. Whilst there are benefits to working as a baker (like sampling the cakes), the job demands a lot from you. Long hour shifts, standing on your feet and the dangerous hazards that can be found in a busy kitchen. However, wearing the right shoes for work will help you feel supported, reduce sore aches and pains after a shift and they can help you avoid slipping or falling at work. Here are the best shoes for bakers.  




To work safely in a bakery, your work shoes must have:

  • Easy-to-clean material: at the end of your shift, your shoes need to be quick and easy to clean.
  • Professional appearance: most bakeries expect their bakers to look professional.
  • Supportive interior: you'll be on your feet for most of your shift, your shoes must be able to support you.
  • Slip-resistance grip: grease, water and other baking ingredients can fall on the bakery floor, slip-resistant shoes reduce the chance of slipping.


4 of the best work shoes for bakers;


1) Evolution II White

2) Old School Low Rider IV White

3) Condor Women

4) SFC Zinc



1) Evolution II White


Robust shoes with supportive comfort


Evolution II has been a popular favourite with bakers for years because it has all the features you need when working in a kitchen. The water resistant material keeps feet dry from spills and splashes. The SFC 5-GRIP™ Slip-Resistant Outsole gives Evolution  maximum slip resistance on wet and slippery surfaces. In a bakery, it's easy for ingredients to fall on the floor and when you're concentrating on five other jobs, you cannot always watch your footing.  




2) Old School Low Rider IV White


Comfort and safety combined to create the perfect work shoes for bakers


When you're getting up at the crack of dawn to get ready for work, you need comfortable shoes you can easily slip on. Old School Low Rider's comfortable design makes it an easy shoe to put on in the morning. The incredible slip-resistant grip makes it a great safety shoe for work. On first impressions, Old School looks just like a casual work shoe, but on the interior, the upgraded footbed and removable cushioned insoles protects your feet from repetitive stress.


These shoes are easy to clean down with a wet cloth to wash off any flour or oil. 




3) Condor Women


Comfortable and supportive work trainers


This might look like an ordinary trainer, but on closer inspection you can see Condor Women is a great pair of work shoes for a bakery. When you're on your feet for most of your shift, you need supportive shoes. Condor Women's sturdy arch support and cushioned insoles supports your feet to help you reduce the chance of developing long term chronic pain (like plantar fascitis).


When your job role demands you to be walking between different work stations in the bakery, these trainers keep you on your feet.




4) SFC Zinc

Lightweight, slip-resistant and easy to clean, everything you need from bakers shoes


Work clogs are a popular favourite for chefs working in kitchens. They're lightweight so they don't put any unnecessary pressure on your ankles. 


The SFC Zinc has more benefits than an ordinary pair of clogs. Made from high grade EVA, they're more durable and the interior design massages your feet whilst you're working. When you're standing over a table decorating cakes, SFC Zinc reduces tension in your feet so after work you're not suffering from sore feet.     


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